Shipping Sentimental Pieces

Shipping Sentimental Pieces

Shipping sentimental pieces to the next generation is one of our pleasures. Interesting stories often lie behind the items we ship. Our customer sent us this message about an antique pencil sharpener. Pencil Sharpener was given to me by Eleanor Whiting (Aunt Eleanor), wife

UPS and FedEx Dimensional Weight Shipping – 2015 Changes

UPS and FedEx rang in the New Year with ground service rate changes based on dimensional weight. Dimensional weight shipping is not a new concept and is now being applied to smaller packages. What is “dimensional weight” and how is it calculated? Multiply the

Spring Fever: Downsizing Tips for Spring Cleaning

Have you ever been to London? In March? Three weeks of visiting our son, riding the Tube, and seeing the sights… what fun! After an up-and-down-cold winter in Colorado, it was a pleasant surprise to hear birds singing, see flowers and trees blooming, and

Packing and Shipping Students to College

It’s that time of year… summer is waning and students are heading off to school. College freshman and upper classmen alike are wondering what they should take with them. The list includes bedding, books, computers, toys, and sports equipment, to name a few. If

Accurate Shipping Estimates Mean More Profit for Online Sellers

Folks sell their treasures online for a myriad of reasons. Some finish their spring cleaning and sell the only-used-once exercise equipment. Others reach new life stages – babies grow up, empty nesters decide to downsize. Occasional sellers are inclined to list items on ebay