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Promoting Sustainable Shipping: Recycling Packing Materials at Pak Mail in Colorado Springs

Recycled packing material bins at Pak Mail

At Pak Mail in Colorado Springs, we are committed to promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly shipping practices. One of the key aspects of our sustainability efforts is the responsible recycling of packing materials. We understand the importance of reducing waste and minimizing our environmental footprint, which is why we offer recycling services for various packing materials, including bubble wrap, air bags, packing paper, styrofoam, peanuts, and other materials commonly used in shipping.

Bubble wrap and air bags are popular choices for cushioning and protecting fragile items during transit. Instead of throwing them away, we encourage our customers to bring them back to our store. We have designated recycling bins where you can conveniently drop off these materials. By recycling bubble wrap and air bags, we can ensure that they are reused or properly disposed of, minimizing their impact on the environment.

Packing paper is another commonly used material in the shipping industry. Rather than discarding it, we encourage customers to recycle it with us. We have a dedicated paper recycling program to ensure that packing paper is repurposed or recycled responsibly, reducing the need for virgin materials and helping to conserve valuable resources.

Styrofoam and packing peanuts, although effective for cushioning, are not biodegradable and can have a significant environmental impact if not properly managed. At Pak Mail, we take these materials seriously and offer a recycling solution. By bringing your used styrofoam and packing peanuts to our store, you can ensure that they are responsibly recycled or reused, diverting them from landfills and reducing their environmental ramifications.

We understand that various packing materials are used to ensure the safe delivery of your shipments. At Pak Mail, we strive to minimize waste and encourage our customers to join us in our recycling efforts. By recycling materials like bubble wrap, air bags, packing paper, styrofoam, and peanuts, we can collectively contribute to a more sustainable shipping industry and protect our environment.

Make a positive impact on the environment with Pak Mail in Colorado Springs. Help us recycle packing materials and reduce waste in the shipping industry. Contact us today to learn more about our recycling services and how we can assist you in making sustainable shipping choices. Together, we can make a difference.

Packing material

Recycle packing materials in Colorado Springs

Pak Mail welcomes the recycling of packing material for eco-friendly shipments. We gladly accept bubble wrap, airbags, peanuts, paper fill, and other various packing materials. Visit the store during regular business hours and leave them with one of our associates and contribute to the initiative of recycling packing material.

Recycled Packing Material
Recycled Packing Material


Recycle packing peanuts & recycle styrofoam in Colorado Springs.

Pak Mail stores around the country are part of The Peanut Hotline, a packing peanut reuse program created in 1991 by the Plastic Loose Fill Council. Our store purchases “new” packing peanuts from a vendor that sells “Ozone Damage Free” Manufacturer Certified 100% Recycled Product.
We accept clean used packing peanuts, clean flat pieces of packing styrofoam and styrofoam food coolers. We DO NOT take any other type of styrofoam at this time, and food containers that you receive from a restaurant are not recyclable. As this program has grown over the years, we have accumulated many new customers and mountains of Styrofoam.  Unfortunately, at times, the front of the store is overflowing with styrofoam and we have gotten so busy with large projects, we don’t have time to load and transport the styrofoam to recycle it.   So now we offer you another option to recycle your styrofoam. For all other styrofoam materials, we have partnered with Sonoco, a styrofoam manufacturing company located across the street from the Pak Mail store. Please bring your styrofoam pieces to their location. There is no appointment necessary, because they have 3 large bins that you can place the styrofoam in at any time, any day of the week. See the map below for specifics.

Sonoco styrofoam recycling map

We hope you can appreciate our options with styrofoam recycling and will continue to bring all types of packing material at our location and some types of styrofoam that Sonoco cannot recycle.  If you are unsure of the specific styrofoam material, please bring it to the store and we can inform you as what to do with it. Together we can make a significant contribution to keeping our planet green.


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Pak Mail makes it easy to be green by offering recycling for used packing materials. Recycle your packing materials with us.

Pak Mail Recycling Packing Material