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Colorado Notary Public Service in Colorado Springs

Notary Public in Colorado Springs

We now offer professional and reliable public notary services to meet your document notarization needs at Pak Mail in Colorado Springs. No appointment is necessary! You may come to our store during regular business hours to get your documents notarized. Cost is $10.00* for the first document and $5.00* each additional document. Notary times can take up to 20 minutes depending on how busy the store is when you arrive. We are not taking appointments at this time for notary services.

Whether you require notarization for personal, legal, or business documents, our experienced and commissioned notary public is here to assist you with a wide range of notarial acts.

Our comprehensive public notary services include but are not limited to:

  1. Witnessing and authenticating the signing of important documents
  2. Administering oaths and affirmations
  3. Certifying copies of documents
  4. Verifying signatures and identities

As a trusted and established shipping and business services center, we understand the importance of accurate and legally binding notarization. Our notary public is knowledgeable about the applicable laws and regulations regarding notarial acts in the state of Colorado, ensuring that your documents are properly notarized in compliance with the law.

Whether you need notarization for real estate documents, wills, powers of attorney, vehicle title transfers, or any other legal documents, you can rely on our professional notary services to provide the necessary authentication and certification.

When you visit our Pak Mail store in Colorado Springs for public notary services, you can expect efficiency, attention to detail, and a commitment to the highest standards of professionalism. Our goal is to make the notarization process as seamless and convenient as possible for our customers, providing peace of mind that your important documents are notarized with accuracy and integrity.

If you require public notary services in Colorado Springs, trust Pak Mail to handle your document notarization needs with care and expertise. Contact us today or visit our store to learn more about our notary services and how we can assist you with your document notarization requirements.

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Passport Services in Colorado Springs

expedited passport renewal

At Pak Mail in Colorado Springs, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of passport services, including processing passport photos, passport renewals, and expedited passport services, helping you meet your travel needs with convenience and efficiency. Our dedicated team understands the intricate process of applying for a passport, and we are here to guide you through every step. Whether it’s your first passport application or you need to apply for a new one due to expiration or loss, we provide assistance to ensure that your application is completed accurately and efficiently.

Passports Photos: $15.00*
When it comes to passport photo renewals, ensuring that your photo meets all the necessary requirements is essential for a smooth renewal process. We offer 2 printed passport photos in store immediately. The passport photo must be an accurate representation of your current appearance and meet specific criteria regarding size, composition, and quality. Whether you’re renewing your passport through a physical application or an online portal, having a recent, compliant passport photo is crucial. Our professional passport photo services can help you capture an image that meets all the official standards, ensuring that your passport renewal process is efficient and hassle-free. With the right passport photo in hand, you can approach your renewal with confidence, knowing that you’ve met all the necessary photo requirements for a successful application. No appointment necessary to get your passport photos processed.

Passport photos in Colorado Springs PakMail

Passport Renewal: $25.00*
Renewing your passport doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Our experts can assist you in gathering the necessary documentation and submitting your renewal application, streamlining the process so you can receive your renewed passport with ease. For twenty minutes of your time, we can renew your passport application online and have it printed immediately. Filling out the application can be confusing so allow us to help you get this form filled out quickly and correctly.

Passport renewal services at PakMail in Colorado Springs

Passport Shipping: $15.00 ~ $35.00*
Shipping a passport application is a critical step in the application process, as it involves securely sending your important documentation to the appropriate passport agency via United States Postal Service. It’s essential to choose a reputable shipping service that offers reliable delivery and package tracking to ensure the safe transit of your application. Passport applications can only be mailed with USPS. We will send it Priority Mail (2~6 days) or Express Priority Mail (overnight) depending on how quickly you want your application received. Proper packaging and attention to shipping guidelines are paramount to safeguarding your sensitive documents during transit. As an authorized US post office shipping provider, we meticulously prepare your application package, giving you the confidence that your passport application will reach its destination securely and on time, setting the stage for a smooth and efficient processing of your application.

Expedited Passport Service: $850.00*
For those with urgent travel plans, our expedited passport service offers a quick and reliable solution. With our expedited service, we can process your passport application in as little as seven days, ensuring that you have the necessary travel documents in hand when you need them most. Whether it’s for a business trip, family emergency, or last-minute vacation, we understand the urgency and are committed to providing expedited services that meet your travel timeline. This service includes the passport photos, the passport application, and the shipping fee.

Expedited Passport Service Near Me:

Are you in urgent need of an expedited passport service near Colorado Springs? Look no further than Pak Mail. Our expedited passport service ensures quick processing, with the ability to obtain a new passport or renew an existing one within as little as seven days. Whether you have travel plans that require immediate attention, or you need to address a sudden passport issue, our expedited service is conveniently located near you, providing the swift processing you need to meet your travel deadlines.

From passport applications, passport photos, to expedited services, Pak Mail in Colorado Springs is your trusted partner for efficient passport processing. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive passport services and experience the ease and convenience of managing your passport needs with the help of our knowledgeable team.

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Copy, Print, Scan, Email & Fax in Colorado Springs


Do you need copies of your document before you mail it overnight? Does it need to be faxed for security reasons? Pak Mail offers basic black & white copy, overnight shippingand fax services. Whether for personal or business needs, you can rely on us for reliable and efficient printing and copying solutions in Colorado Springs. It’s part of the “one stop shop.”

Fax services provide a convenient and secure method for transmitting documents over long distances. Despite advancements in technology, faxing remains a popular and reliable way to send official paperwork, contracts, and other sensitive materials. With the ability to send physical documents directly to a recipient’s fax machine, fax services continue to play a crucial role in many industries, offering a tangible and traceable means of communication.


  • Single page fax costs $4, each additional page fax costs $1.
  • Copy is $0.25 /page.
  • Print is $1.00 for the first page and $0.25 each additional page.

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Secure Document Shredding Services in Colorado Springs

Shredded Paper

At Pak Mail in Colorado Springs, we offer professional secure shredding services to ensure the confidential destruction of sensitive documents and materials. Our secure shredding process prioritizes the protection of your privacy and the security of your information, providing you with peace of mind throughout the entire shredding process. Pak Mail offers document shredding in Colorado Springs for $1 per pound.*

Our Secure Shredding Process:

  1. Weight: We accurately determine the weight of your documents using our scales, which are weighed immediately in front of you.
  2. Secure Bin Storage: Upon collection of your documents, they are placed in locked and tamper-proof bins to safeguard them from unauthorized access. The secure bins are designed to prevent any potential breaches of confidentiality and ensure the safe storage of your sensitive materials until they are ready for shredding.
  3. Transportation to Secure Shredding Facility: When the secure bins are filled and ready for shredding, they are transported to a highly secure shredding facility off-site. Our professional team handles the transportation with the utmost care and attention to security, ensuring that your documents remain protected throughout the entire process.
  4. Secure Shredding: Once the secure bins arrive at the shredding facility, the contents are securely shredded using state-of-the-art equipment. The shredding process is closely monitored to maintain the highest level of security and confidentiality, guaranteeing the complete destruction of your sensitive documents and materials.

Benefits of Secure Shredding at Pak Mail:

  • Protection of sensitive information
  • Compliance with privacy laws and regulations
  • Secure storage and transportation of documents
  • Peace of mind and assurance of confidentiality
  • Environmentally responsible disposal of shredded materials through recycling

By choosing Pak Mail for secure shredding services, you can trust that the confidentiality and security of your sensitive documents are our top priority. Our secure bin storage and off-site shredding process ensure that your documents are handled with the highest level of care and security from collection to destruction. Whether you’re organizing your cluttered office or routinely disposing of personal or business documents, Pak Mail can help get your mess cleaned up.

Protect your privacy and maintain the confidentiality of your information with our secure shredding services. Contact Pak Mail in Colorado Springs today to learn more about our secure shredding offerings and how we can assist you with the secure disposal of your sensitive materials.

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Office Supplies in Colorado Springs

Do you only need one envelope, not a whole box? Discover a comprehensive selection of essential office supplies at our store, designed to meet your everyday business and mailing needs. From durable mailing envelopes, including bubble mailers, manila, Tyvek, and rigid photo mailers, to indispensable office tools like Scotch tape, staples, scissors, and paperclips, we’ve got you covered. Our range also encompasses high-quality copy paper, versatile highlighters, vivid Sharpies, and convenient letter openers, ensuring that you have access to a diverse array of supplies to streamline your office tasks effectively.

Whether you’re preparing shipments, organizing documents, or enhancing productivity in the office, our varied selection of office supplies caters to a wide spectrum of requirements. With an emphasis on quality and functionality, our offerings aim to provide you with the tools and materials essential for a well-equipped and efficient workspace. Visit our store to explore our full range of office supplies and discover the convenience of sourcing all your essential items in one convenient location.

You won’t find these essential items at the Post Office, but you’ll consistently discover a fast and convenient experience at Pak Mail.

Packing Supplies – Read More

Packing supplies & shipping supplies in Colorado Springs

At Pak Mail, you will discover a comprehensive array of packing and shipping supplies at our store, encompassing everything you need to safeguard and transport your items securely. From simple bubble mailers to die-cut boxes to multi-depth boxes, versatile packing peanuts, protective bubble wrap, shrink wrap, packing tape, and efficient tape guns, we provide the essential materials for professional packaging. Our selection also includes padded envelopes and an extensive range of boxes, featuring sizes from 6x6x6 to 32x32x32, catering to a diverse spectrum of shipping needs. Give us the dimensions and fragility of the item and we’ll help you choose the right packaging materials for your project.

Whether you’re packing delicate items for shipment or organizing materials for storage, our wide assortment of packing and shipping supplies is designed to meet your specific requirements. With a focus on durability, reliability, and convenience, our range empowers you to prepare shipments with confidence and precision. Visit our store to explore our complete selection of packing and shipping supplies and elevate the protection and efficiency of your packaging processes.

We also include a variety of shipping supplies for every shipping carrier, including FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL. This includes: tape, packing slips, envelops, padded envelops, bags, and boxes; we offer a comprehensive selection tailored to meet the needs of each shipping provider. Our commitment to providing a diverse array of shipping supplies for multiple carriers ensures that you can find the right packaging materials for your preferred shipping method. Whether you’re shipping domestically or internationally, our range of supplies empowers you to pack and ship your items with confidence, knowing that you have access to carrier-specific materials that meet industry standards. Visit our store to discover the full spectrum of shipping supplies available for FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL, and streamline your packing and shipping processes with ease.

Are you feeling “all thumbs” packing Aunt Millie’s fine china? Do you have more things on your to-do list than you have time? Bring the items to us and we’ll pack and ship them for you. Leave it to the experts at Pak Mail and go have lunch with friends.

Moving Supplies – Read More

Moving supplies in Colorado Springs

Prepare for a smooth and efficient move with our extensive range of moving supplies, meticulously curated to meet all your relocation needs. Whether you’re moving to a new home or transitioning your business to a new location, we offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality moving supplies to simplify the process. From sturdy moving boxes in various sizes to packing tape, bubble wrap, protective furniture covers, packing peanuts, and mattress bags, we provide everything you need to safeguard your belongings during transit.

Our assortment of moving supplies also includes essential items such as moving blankets, stretch wrap, box cutters, and labeling materials, allowing you to organize and secure your items with precision and care. We understand the importance of reliable and durable supplies when it comes to moving, which is why our range is designed to provide the necessary tools for a successful and hassle-free relocation experience.

Visit our store to explore our full range of moving supplies and discover the convenience of sourcing all your essential items in one location. With our high-quality moving supplies, you can approach your move with confidence, knowing that you have the right materials to protect and transport your belongings effectively.

  • Moving boxes (small, medium, large, wardrobe, TV, and specialty)
  • Tape
  • Plastic wrap
  • Mattress covers
  • Sofa and chair covers
  • Markers
  • Labels
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing peanuts
  • Professional advice

Moving can be exciting… and tedious. Pak Mail has the supplies you need.

Do you have an extremely fragile item? Valuable artwork? We can help you prepare those items for moving in Colorado Springs. Or, if you like, we can safely pack it and then ship it to you when you’re ready to receive it.

Greeting Cards – Read More

Greeting cards in Colorado Springs


Delight your loved ones with heartfelt sentiments and charming expressions from our selection of greeting cards, featuring renowned brands such as Avanti and Leanin’ Tree. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, expressing gratitude, or reaching out with a thoughtful message, our diverse range of greeting cards offers a captivating array of designs and sentiments to suit every recipient and occasion.

Avanti greeting cards

From Avanti’s distinctive and whimsical designs to Leanin’ Tree’s timeless, nature-inspired artwork, our collection showcases a variety of styles, themes, and artistic creations. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or a simple gesture of kindness, our greeting cards capture the essence of every sentiment with authenticity and creativity.

Explore our curated assortment of greeting cards at our store and discover the perfect expression to convey your emotions. With Avanti and Leanin’ Tree, you can easily find the ideal card to connect with your loved ones and make every occasion memorable.

Leanin' Tree Greeting Cards

Avanti and Leanin’ Tree cards express just the right sentiment… in a fun way, humorous way.

Avanti cards start at $3.49* and go up to $5.99*
Leanin’ Tree cards start at $3.29* and go up to $4.95*

Click here for more information about the Avanti greeting cards available. **
Click here for more information about the Leanin’ Tree greeting cards available. **
** We do NOT carry the entire card selection in our store.

Mailbox rentals – Read More

Private mailbox rental in Colorado Springs

Pak Mail offers physical mailboxes, similar to a PO Box and virtual mailboxes at our Colorado Springs store. Please go to our mailbox page to read all of the details for opening a secure, private mailbox in Colorado Springs.

Private Secure Mailboxes

*All prices are subject to change at any time.