What Is a Small Move Estimate?

packing furniture for small move shipping
Innovative Furniture Packaging for Small Move Shipping

A small move estimate is based on packaging requirements, weight and size of final shipment, value, destination (domestic or international), and timing. For the most accurate estimate, be prepared with detailed information:

  • Packaging requirements: How many pieces of furniture? How many fragile items (china, glassware, artwork)? How many non-fragile items?
  • Weight: What is the approximate weight of each item? Smaller items can be weighed on a bathroom scale. Larger items can be estimated from catalogs of similar items.
  • Size: What are the measurements (length, width, height) of the larger items? How many boxes are pre-packed and what are their sizes?
  • Value: What is the total value of the shipment? Are there any high-value items like artwork, silver, or antiques?
  • Destination: What is the destination – city, state, country, and postal code? Is it a residence or a business? Are there multiple destinations?
  • Timing: When does the shipment need to arrive?

Pak provides free small move estimates – by phone, in person, or online.