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Packaging Fine China and Crystal for Shipping from Colorado Springs

Very fragile glass & china packing & shipping

Shipping Glass Colorado Springs, China & Crystal Shipping Colorado Springs, Heirloom Shipping Colorado SpringsPak Mail specializes in packaging very fragile pieces for shipping from Colorado Springs, whether the destination is 200 or 2000 miles away.

We have strict standards for packaging very fragile and valuable fine china and crystal. Steps for packaging include:

  • creating an inventoried and photographed list of all items, noting existing chips or cracks,
  • determining the number of pieces for each box (a china set with 12 place settings is divided into 3 to 4 place settings per box, plus additional boxes for serving pieces),
  • wrapping each piece in bubble wrap,
  • preparing dividers, if needed, for delicate cups and glassware,
  • floating the wrapped pieces in packing peanuts in a box that provides 2 inches of space around all dimensions, and
  • floating the packed box in packing peanuts in a box that provides 2 inches of space around all dimensions.

This packaging technique is called double boxing. The outer box is intended to take the brunt of all handling, shock, and vibration while in transit. Moving companies typically use large boxes and packing paper for packing dishes. This method is appropriate for large moving companies because the boxes are handled fewer times -- from the home to the truck to the new home. China and glassware items that are shipped require smaller boxes, along with protective bubble wrap and peanuts. The smaller boxes weigh less, which reduces the stress on the bottom pieces during transit, and are easier to handle. Shipping involves more handling -- from shipping store to carrier truck to carrier facility to conveyor belt to truck or plane to delivery truck to recipient.

Are you concerned about transporting your fragile items to Pak Mail? We can help. Contact us to arrange for pickup and let Pak Mail pack and ship your treasures!

Why Choose Pak Mail

Pak Mail Colorado Springs is a full service shipping store located in Colorado Springs that specilaizes in custom packing, custom crating, and specialty freight shipping. Request a Free Online Estimate or call us at 719-593-1212.


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