Pak Mail Ships Freight Any Day of the Week

Pak Mail Ships Freight Any Day of the Week

Two pallets on Tuesday Discover Goodwill online auction furniture to the left; US Air Force Academy footlocker to the right. Very diverse freight shipments today. Front lobby is empty and ready for more. What will come thru the front door next?    

Packing for Shipping

Shipments arrive safely when properly packed. Domestic US shipping involves more than choosing the right carrier – UPS, FedEx, USPS, or freight. Packing for shipping requirements vary and are based on the following factors: Size – length plus girth over 166 inches Weight – total

How Do You Move a Student?

This is not about “motivating” a student. That’s a separate topic. This is about how to move a student from Colorado College or UCCS home for summer break, a new college for extended classes, or abroad for intensive studies. It’s about shipping the accumulated stuff