Ship Documents and Small Packages Internationally

Ship Documents and Small Packages Internationally

Pak Mail offers international DHL shipping Pak Mail is the only shipping company conveniently located at the corner of Garden of the Gods Road and Centennial Boulevard that offers international shipping with all small-package carriers, including DHL. We also ship to countries outside the

Pak Mail Prepares Pallets for International Shipping

Yes, pallets like this tend to look alike. It’s what’s inside that counts. This one contains broadcast equipment from Matchsports, the company that provided live coverage of the June 25 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Matchsports arranged the shipping to Australia; Pak Mail ensured

Packing and Shipping Collectibles

A breakfast networking meeting with folks from the Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce was the beginning of a delightful day. Upon my return home, my husband Jim invited me to stay home for the day. Perfect! First on the agenda was clearing my mind. A brisk two-mile

Quick Tips for Shipping Holiday Gifts

The Christmas season is upon us. Where did the year go? Pak Mail offers secure packing services and shipping — UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS. You do the shopping and gift wrapping… we’ll do the rest! We’ll help you choose the most cost-effective method to ensure

How Do You Move a Student?

This is not about “motivating” a student. That’s a separate topic. This is about how to move a student from Colorado College or UCCS home for summer break, a new college for extended classes, or abroad for intensive studies. It’s about shipping the accumulated stuff

How Is a Small Move Packed?

Packing for small move shipping requires a little more preparation than packing for UPS, FedEx, and DHL small package shipping. First, the items are inventoried and separated into categories – furniture, linens, clothing, jewelry, china, glassware, tools, non-fragile, fragile, size, value (especially higher value

How Is a Small Move Shipped?

A small move can be shipped in a variety of ways. The shipping method is based on the size of the shipment, distance to destination, delivery timing, value, and budget. All methods require the carrier to set an appointment with the recipient for delivery.

What Is a Small Move?

Moving possessions from one place to another is a common life experience for many. It might be an executive’s promotion and the moving of an entire household cross country. Hiring a large moving company to move an entire 3- to 4-bedroom household may be

International Small Package Shipping: Rules & Regulations

Shipping a package to another country can be a daunting task for a do-it-yourself-er. Packing and shipping store personnel like those at Pak Mail are experienced in UPS, FedEx, and DHL international shipping. They know where to find country-specific export and import rules and