What Is a Small Move?

Small Move of Furniture
Small Move of Furniture

Moving possessions from one place to another is a common life experience for many. It might be an executive’s promotion and the moving of an entire household cross country. Hiring a large moving company to move an entire 3- to 4-bedroom household may be the most cost-effective method; it would meet most moving company’s minimum weight requirements, usually 2000 pounds.

It could be a small move – a first job after college or a student deciding to take a year off from studies and move back home. Maybe it’s a career or life change involving all the trappings of a small apartment or business office, or the passing of a loved one necessitating an estate distribution. Perhaps the move entails selling all the furniture and moving only the sentimental collections. It could even be an out-of-state purchase of antique furniture from an auction house.

Whatever the situation, there’s a solution.

  • Doing it yourself may seem like the most budget friendly option. During a self-move, you are responsible for not only the cost of the rental moving truck, but for gas, tolls, lodging, food and libations for friends, other expenses – and time.
  • Shipping a small move (under 2000 pounds) is easy on the wallet, and can be tailored to the individual or family’s schedule.

At Pak Mail, small move shipping is one of our specialties. We conveniently pick up items from a business, home, or storage and safely transport them back to the store for secure packing and shipping.