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Small Move Shipping for Estates or Students

July 1st, 2016 by

At Your Leisure or to Meet a Deadline

Summer solstice has come… and gone. July 4th is here. Longer days encourage cleaning up the house and removing clutter. Downsizing seniors decide to become full-time RV travelers. High school graduates prepare for college. All of these activities could require small move shipping.

One of our older-in-years customers recently told us his long-distance grown kids told him they would someday like to have this or that – a family heirloom, furniture, china, artwork, photos. He decided it’s time to downsize. Instead of keeping those cherished pieces, he now enjoys gifting them to his children. He recently requested we pick up a leather chair and ottoman to ship to his son. The furniture is now in the store awaiting pickup from our small move blanket wrap carrier.

My folks, now 88 and 91, have been downsizing for years. Mom insisted we five siblings, and the grand-kids, put our names on the back of things we would someday like to have. Some of the treasures have already been shipped to us. Many are still in the house for Mom and Dad to enjoy. Mom’s lessons hit home when we decided to move into our fifth-wheel trailer in preparation for future full-time travel. The only thing left to downsize is the little bit in our storage unit.

Gifting and shipping family treasures at your leisure is a little different from distributing an estate after the passing of a loved one. But, estate distribution does not have to be full of hassles. Senior move managers, and packing and shipping companies like Pak Mail can help. The deadline for picking up items from the home falls on the shipping company’s shoulders. The actual packing and small move shipping is then completed to meet the recipients’ schedules.

In May, Pak Mail ships students… their stuff, that is… home from UCCS and Colorado College. In July, students, and their parents, decide what to take to college. If the school is out of state, shipping may be part of the process. The preparations can happen at your leisure, up to a point. Assuming the college semester begins in mid to late August, decisions about what to take should be finalized before the end of July. If shipping is required, items must be ready for pickup by Pak Mail no later than the first week in August. The delivery deadline for the student’s stuff is communicated at that point. The items are then packed and shipped to arrive by that deadline.

Small move shipping at your leisure or to meet a deadline, call the experts.

Small Move Shipping

Estate Small Move Shipment Ready for Pickup

How Is a Small Move Packed?

March 17th, 2015 by
packed boxes on pallets

Small Move Boxes on Pallets

estate distribution

Small Move Estate Distribution

Packing for small move shipping requires a little more preparation than packing for UPS, FedEx, and DHL small package shipping. First, the items are inventoried and separated into categories – furniture, linens, clothing, jewelry, china, glassware, tools, non-fragile, fragile, size, value (especially higher value items). Then the appropriate packing methods are chosen based on how the small move is being shipped.

  • Blanket wrap shipping requires the least amount of packaging. Furniture is wrapped in protective moving blankets and all fragile, high-value, and delicate items are packed according to carrier and insurance standards. High-value and extremely delicate pieces – artwork or grandfather clocks, for example – are often crated.
  • Air freight, LTL truck, and ocean freight shipping require that all items be packed in boxes based on fragility and value. The boxes are then arranged on a pallet(s), shrink wrapped, and tied to the pallet(s) with metal banding. High-value and extremely delicate pieces are packed in Styrofoam-lined wooden crates.
  • International shipments that are not crated are containerized with a corrugated tray on a pallet and a corrugated wrap and lid. The container is then banded to the pallet.
  • All wood used in pallets and crates for international shipping must be heat treated and stamped with the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM 15) mark, also known as the “bug stamp” or “wheat stamp.”
  • Insurance coverage is only provided for appropriately packaged shipments. Customer-packed boxes are not covered unless inspection prior to shipping indicates proper packaging.

Pak Mail makes custom boxes, pallets, containers, and crates for any size or shape small move shipment.

How Is a Small Move Shipped?

March 16th, 2015 by
Ocean Freight to Hawaii

Business Office Small Move to Hawaii – Ocean Freight

A small move can be shipped in a variety of ways. The shipping method is based on the size of the shipment, distance to destination, delivery timing, value, and budget. All methods require the carrier to set an appointment with the recipient for delivery.

  • Air freight is the fastest method and is used for domestic and international small moves when delivery timing is critical. High-value shipments are often sent by air freight.
  • Ocean freight is the slowest international option and is most cost effective going from our store to the destination port (door-to-port). The recipient makes separate arrangements for delivery from the port to the final destination.
  • Ocean freight is also an option for small move shipping to Hawaii. Small move shipments are transported by LTL truck to US west coast ports and then by ocean freight to the final destination. Since Hawaii is a domestic destination, the shipment can be delivered to a residence or business (door-to-door).
  • LTL truck shipping for small moves within the continental US and some parts of Canada is based on 1- to 2-day guaranteed (fastest) and standard 3- to 7-day delivery.
  • Small move shipments to Alaska are conveyed by LTL truck to Seattle, WA, and then by ocean freight or barge to the final destination. Since Alaska is a domestic destination, the shipment can be delivered to a residence or business (door-to-door).
  • Blanket wrap shipping is ideal and economical for a larger small move (multiple pieces of furniture or extremely delicate furniture or artwork), that is under 2000 pounds. This is the slowest small move shipping method; delivery typically takes 30 to 60 days.

Pak Mail makes small move shipping easy and affordable.

Why Choose Pak Mail

Pak Mail Colorado Springs is a full service shipping store located in Colorado Springs that specilaizes in custom packing, custom crating, and specialty freight shipping. Request a Free Online Estimate or call us at 719-593-1212.


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