Shipping Insurance & Alternate Declared Value


What is Shipping Insurance and Why is it Important? Protection for Your Pak Mail Shipments in Colorado Springs

Have you ever sent or received a package filled with excitement, only to have it delayed, damaged, or even lost? Shipping insurance serves as your safety net in such situations. If you’re based in Colorado Springs and looking for an experienced shipping service provider, look no further than Pak Mail. We’re here to ensure your items reach their destination securely. This article will answer your questions about shipping insurance and why it is crucial for your shipments.

What is Shipping Insurance?

At its core, shipping insurance is a specialized type of coverage that protects packages against unforeseen events during transit. Pak Mail in Colorado Springs, offer shipping insurance to help shippers recoup their losses in case of loss, theft, or damage. Different carriers, such as FedEX and UPS have various policies and coverage levels, so it is essential to inquire about these details when choosing a declared value for your shipment.

Shipping Insurance Cost and Options

The cost of shipping insurance depends on factors like the insured value, delivery address, shipping method, and package dimensions. As a consumer, you can generally pick from various coverage levels that best suit your needs and give you peace of mind. For high-value items, be prepared to pay more, because the proper packing will cost more. However, shopping around for the best carrier can help in finding more cost-effective options.

Shipping Carriers and Insurance Services

Most carriers provide insurance coverage to some extent. For instance, Pak Mail in Colorado Springs adheres to the insurance policies set by the carriers it partners with. Well-known carriers like FedEx, DHL, USPS, and UPS all have shipping insurance offerings for various domestic and international delivery services. Be sure to compare different carriers to find the one providing the most coverage for your shipments.

Cheapest Shipping Insurance Alternatives

Many third-party providers offer lower-cost shipping insurance alternatives. While their premiums may be discounted compared to those of the major carriers, it is crucial to read the fine print, understand their coverage levels, and assess their reputation through reviews. It is also essential to verify if your chosen carrier accepts these third-party insurance providers before purchasing. This would be something you would need to add yourself since we do not offer third party insurance for shipments.

Shipping Insurance for High-Value Items

Items of high value often have specific insurance requirements. If you need to ship valuables like electronics, art, collectibles, furniture or expensive equipment in Colorado Springs, our ADV specialist shipping insurance policies will serve you best. These policies will ensure that your items are adequately protected throughout transit. Take the time to compare insurance policies to ensure the appropriate insured amount for your items.

Why is Shipping Insurance Important for Your Shipments?

Shipping insurance is important for the following reasons:

1. **Financial Protection:** Insurance coverage promises that you won’t face a complete financial loss if your package goes missing or gets damaged.

2. **Customer Service:** A shipping carrier with a reliable insurance policy will likely prioritize your concerns and offer better claim resolution services.

3. **Coverage Customization:** Shipping insurance allows you to tailor coverage based on the specific needs of your shipment.

4. **Compensation Assurance:** With shipping insurance, you can rightfully obtain reimbursement for the declared value of your items if any mishaps occur.

Shipping Insurance in Colorado Springs Seasons

Weather or not, shipping continues year-round, which means different hazards for your packages depending on the season. Shipping insurance in Colorado Springs should provide coverage against the unpredictable climate, potential flooding, and other hazards your packages may encounter.

Shipping Insurance for Exporters and Importers

Exporters and importers face different shipping insurance requirements due to varying territories, regulations, and risks. Working with a trusted shipping carrier like Pak Mail in Colorado Springs will provide you with the right guidance on shipping insurance for your international shipments.


When you need reliable shipping services in Colorado Springs, carefully consider the shipping insurance coverage to secure your items throughout transit. With its various advantages and importance in mind, shipping insurance plays an indispensable role in protecting your parcels. No matter whether you’re sending precious art or just household items, always choose the best shipping insurance option available.

Review the coverage levels and costs offered by Pak Mail and other carriers to ensure your package receives optimal coverage during transit. If your packages face unforeseen events, having shipping insurance backing you will save you time, money, and headache. Safeguarding your parcels from delays, damage, or loss starts with selecting the appropriate coverage when shipping your item at our store in Colorado Springs.

Alternate Declared Value (ADV) insurance coverage protection.


Pak Mail (“PAK MAIL”) is a franchisee of Annex Brands, Inc. (“ANNEX BRANDS”). This PAK MAIL location is independently owned and operated by PAK MAIL and PAK MAIL is not an agent or employee of ANNEX BRANDS. ANNEX BRANDS is not liable for the acts of PAK MAIL, including loss or damage to your shipment.

PAK MAIL disclaims all liability for loss of or damage to your shipment beyond the coverage provided by the carrier, if any, unless you purchase PAK MAIL’S Alternate Declared Value (“ADV”) coverage protection. IF YOU HAVE PURCHASED ADV PROTECTION, THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS AND PROCEDURES APPLY AND MUST BE FOLLOWED:
If your shipment does not arrive within 7 days please notify the PAK MAIL store indicated on the front of the receipt, unless shipping time has been determined to be longer.


  • Immediately contact the PAK MAIL store listed on your receipt that shipped your item(s) for further instructions. PAK MAIL cannot be liable for a claim that goes unreported for more than 45 days.
  • Please note any damage prior to signing the carrier’s delivery receipt. Failure to do so may nullify your opportunity to have a claim paid.
  • Retain ALL cartons, packaging materials, and merchandise in the same condition as they arrived until further notice from PAK MAIL. Failure to do so may nullify your opportunity to have a claim paid. Please take and retain photographs of the item, of all the packaging materials and of the Inner/Outer Box as they will be requested.
  • Do not return or release merchandise to any carrier unless specifically instructed by PAK MAIL store with which you did business.


  • The actual cash market value of the property at the destination on the date of delivery.
  • The cost of repair or replacement of the property, with material of like kind and quality.
  • The cost of repair or replacement of the property at point of destination on the date of delivery with proper deduction for depreciation.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to be able to provide a current appraisal or receipt for the item(s) being shipped in order to show proof of value. (The appraisal must be less than one year old.) Declaring a value on the receipt does not constitute proof of value; proof of value must exist and be available prior to shipping.

If no value is declared, PAK MAIL is not liable for more than the coverage provided by the carrier, if any.
Property is protected while in the custody of the carrier until the property is delivered at its destination. If the property is not delivered, the protection continues until the property is returned to you.

Value may be declared per item or package being shipped. However, if a lump sum declaration is made, losses will be paid on a pro-rata distribution on number of items and/or parcels shipped.
Should repair or replacement estimates become necessary, it is the customer’s responsibility to obtain these documents.

PAK MAIL is not liable in the event of breakage or internal damage with a customer-packed parcel. In addition, ADV coverage protection will not apply in that event or where the shipment has not been packaged in compliance with approved packaging procedures of Annex Brands.
PAK MAIL in no event shall be liable for any consequential, incidental loss, software or data media recovery, depreciated value delay of any shipment or special damages which may occur from loss caused by Government Actions, Nuclear Hazard, War, Military Action, and/or Acts of Nature. This limitation shall apply to and include, but not be limited to, negotiable items, damages for loss of profit, loss of income, loss of bargain, or loss of value.

PAK MAIL is not liable for loss or damage to perishable or temperature controlled items to the extent the loss or damage results from exposure to heat or cold or the perishable nature of the product.
Delivery dates and times are estimates on PAK MAIL’S part and are based on information given by carrier.
PAK MAIL is not liable for carrier to properly collect Cash on Deliveries (COD) monies.
PAK MAIL is not liable for customer’s failure to properly address packages correctly. Incorrect addresses on packages include consignee’s correct telephone number on address label.
As a courtesy to you, PAK MAIL will permit the carrier to correct an incorrect delivery address if possible. If the carrier charges an address correction fee, the customer agrees to reimburse PAK MAIL.
PAK MAIL will not be liable for damage to internal electrical/electronic equipment or circuits where no visible damage is evident.

For artwork/display “items in case” PAK MAIL is unable to check to secure the parts of the artwork inside the case PAK MAIL is only able to provide value coverage for any damage to the outside of the case and is unable to provide coverage for item inside the case.

PAK MAIL IS LIABLE/RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGE TO INHERENT VICE ITEMS UP TO $5,000 Domestic and $2,500 International (Included but not limited to Hand-Made one-of-a-kind items, marble, slate, granite, glass tops (all shapes and types), art glass, stained glass, articles of antiquity, neon signs, plaster or gilded framed art/mirrors, stringed musical instruments, architect models, Racu and/or Terra Cotta Pottery). Jewelry must be addressed to an individual, are not to indicate contents, and must be sent overnight via a traceable method.