Goodbye to a Great West Wind Marketplace Business Neighbor – The Peak Grill

August was a busy month at Pak Mail 232, especially the last two weeks. We conducted five pickups and shipped three pallets in one day, and prepped another two for departure after Labor Day. We shipped documents to India and other parts of the world, collectibles from an estate, furniture used in staging a home for sale, household goods across the US and also to Canada and Europe, and care packages to college students.

It came as a shock when owners Randy and Nancy Bolen of the Peak Grill closed their doors after 15 years in the restaurant business. They’ve been good friends and business neighbors since I bought our store in 2008. In talking with them, they cited a significant downturn since the Waldo Canyon Fire and then the Black Forest Fire.

The Race family will miss the Bolens and their friendly service and business camaraderie… and the Peak Grill’s BLT with homemade potato chips! We wish them well in their next venture.