Pak Mail – FedEx Authorized ShipCenter

Trust Pak Mail to ship your FedEx packages

Looking for FedEx on Garden of the Gods Rd? Pak Mail is conveniently located at the corner of Garden of the Gods Rd and Centennial Blvd in the Albertsons (Safeway) shopping center.

Pak Mail is authorized to ship with FedEx – Ground, Home, Air, and Freight:

  • Small package – if it’s not hazardous or illegal, we can ship it.
  • Document – needed overnight or next week, we can ship it.
  • Large item over 150# or 139″ dimensional calculated weight – we can freight it.
  • Pre-labeled small package or document drop off – we can ship it.

Can’t find the right box? Is the item fragile? Does it need a custom box and a pallet? We offer packing services, too.

FedEx provides daily pickups from Pak Mail.

Pak Mail – FedEx Authorized ShipCenter