What Happens When the Crew Gets the Flu?

Ship happens!

Bad news: The flu hit Pak Mail Colorado last week, adding a bit of craziness to what turned out to be a very busy six days.

Good news: We took turns catching it, including the grandkids. That helped.

Good news: Daily operations — small package shipping (UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS), mail sorting, packing and shipping quotes — all went smoothly, even through solo shifts. Our customers are awesome and very understanding… THANK YOU!

Prepping Headboard for Custom Boxed Freight Shipment

Good news: Some of the freight shipments left the store during the week. Saturday we all tackled the remaining freight shipments and one painting for FedEx Ground (small package). Happy to say they’re all packed and ready for shipment on Monday! Two of the freight shipments are shown here; more pics to follow.

1964 Yamaha Crated Ready for Freight Pickup
1964 Yamaha Stabilized in Custom Crate for Freight Shipping