Consumer Tips for Returning Cable and Modem Equipment

UPS - FedEx - DHL shipping
UPS – FedEx – DHL shipping

Most cable companies provide pre-paid UPS or FedEx shipping labels for returns. CenturyLink, for example, provides pre-paid UPS shipping labels for cable and modem equipment returns. Sometimes a cable company will claim that the returned equipment was not received and will not issue an account credit.

Here are some easy steps to follow when returning cable and modem equipment:

  1. Make a copy of the pre-paid label before attaching it to the return box.
  2. Drop off the pre-paid shipment at an Authorized UPS or FedEx shipping store.
  3. Ask for a receipt with the tracking number.
  4. Keep the copy of the pre-paid label and the drop-off receipt until the account has been properly credited. This is the most important step!

Usually the copy of the pre-paid label is sufficient, since it shows the carrier tracking number. The drop-off receipt shows the carrier tracking number and the drop-off date. It is challenging to track a package without the carrier tracking number.

Pak Mail 232 addresses this challenge by recording the drop-off customer’s name and information before the shipping label is scanned. If the receipt is lost or discarded by the customer, we have the ability to search for the receipt, track the package, and provide proof of delivery.