Guide to Choosing Freight Shipping Methods

Guide to Choosing Freight Shipping Methods

Navigating the complex world of freight shipping can be daunting, but understanding your options makes this task significantly easier. Whether you’re sending out large shipments regularly or intermittently, knowing which freight shipping method fits your business needs is crucial. Each method has its specific

Crating and Shipping Stone Sculptures

A stone sculpture requires a heavy crate We built a sturdy wooden crate for this 400-pound Colorado Marble cougar sculpture from John Kessler. Total shipping weight of 500 pounds meant it shipped to Florida with a freight carrier.  

Shipping Stone Table Tops

Pak Mail packs stone for small package & freight shipping Stone table tops require special packaging for safe shipping. Smaller pieces like the petrified wood slab can ship as a UPS or FedEx small package. The slab is protected and kept absolutely flat in

Big or Small, There’s a Way to Ship It

Weight and dimensions determine shipping methods Pictures tell the story. Even though the packages in the first photo look “large,” they are actually small packages shipping FedEx Ground. They include a rug and some paintings from the Discover Goodwill online auction. The second and

Packing a Delicate Glass Chandelier for Shipping

Shipping furniture and delicate glass items A Pak Mail customer recently traveled to the Colorado Springs-Denver area to shop at our local household furnishings consignment shops. She came away with two tables, some paintings, and the glass chandelier pictured here. After packing the items

Pak Mail Ships Freight Any Day of the Week

Two pallets on Tuesday Discover Goodwill online auction furniture to the left; US Air Force Academy footlocker to the right. Very diverse freight shipments today. Front lobby is empty and ready for more. What will come thru the front door next?    

Custom-made Boxes and Crates

Pak Mail builds custom corrugated boxes & wood crates Mailbox customer looks at the large corrugated box being prepared for a grandfather clock and says, “Now that’s a big box!” Another private mailbox renter comments on a very large (80″ tall) wood crate, “I

Pak Mail Is Open President’s Day

UPS, FedEx, DHL and freight carriers are operating February 19 President’s Day packing and shipping options: Pak Mail is open President’s Day, February 19. UPS, FedEx, DHL and freight carriers are following normal hours for delivery and pickup. The Post Office (USPS) is closed.

How Can I Recycle a Wooden Pallet?

Creative design ideas for used pallets Pak Mail regularly ships large items — household goods, estates, artwork, delicate equipment — on pallets. How can a wooden pallet be recycled? At the suggestion of an online design company,, we added a new tip about creative ideas

Pak Mail Celebrates a Year of Growth and Change

Commemorate 2017 and Welcome 2018 Thank you to our customers – both “old” and new – as we continue to thrive. Our 2017 was a year of growth and change. Customers can attest to the number of large freight shipments we did in 2017.