Essential Guidelines for Custom Crating of Delicate Valuable Items

Essential Guidelines for Custom Crating of Delicate Valuable Items

When it comes to shipping valuable or delicate items, the significance of custom crating cannot be overstated. Crafting a tailored crate that fits your specific needs not only protects your items during transit but also reflects a commitment to quality and care. We understand

Crate Construction Best Practices

When shipping valuable or fragile items, the importance of sturdy and reliable crate construction cannot be overstated. Our expertise in this area has taught us that a well-built crate is essential in ensuring that your items arrive at their destination in the same condition

Crating and Shipping Stone Sculptures

A stone sculpture requires a heavy crate We built a sturdy wooden crate for this 400-pound Colorado Marble cougar sculpture from John Kessler. Total shipping weight of 500 pounds meant it shipped to Florida with a freight carrier.  

Big or Small, There’s a Way to Ship It

Weight and dimensions determine shipping methods Pictures tell the story. Even though the packages in the first photo look “large,” they are actually small packages shipping FedEx Ground. They include a rug and some paintings from the Discover Goodwill online auction. The second and

Custom-made Boxes and Crates

Pak Mail builds custom corrugated boxes & wood crates Mailbox customer looks at the large corrugated box being prepared for a grandfather clock and says, “Now that’s a big box!” Another private mailbox renter comments on a very large (80″ tall) wood crate, “I

Pak Mail Prepares Items for Packing and Shipping

Fragility, value and shipping method determine packaging preparation Pak Mail prepares items for packing and shipping based on several factors including fragility, value, and shipping method. Packaging prep for non-fragile items like clothing or soft toys is simple: place the items in a bag

Pak Mail – Busy Season – Part 4

Building a picture crate Last week’s shipping challenges included artwork that required a wooden crate. We often build them for bronze artwork; sometimes for medical equipment. This crate was for a large, framed historic piece of art from a local gallery.      

Pak Mail Ships Bronze Artwork

Crating process for bronze artwork shipping Pak Mail ships bronze artwork for local galleries. This Jane A. Rankin bronze required a wood crate on a pallet. Wood braces are covered with a soft material, strategically placed against the bronze, and screwed to the crate. When

What Happens When the Crew Gets the Flu?

Ship happens! Bad news: The flu hit Pak Mail Colorado last week, adding a bit of craziness to what turned out to be a very busy six days. Good news: We took turns catching it, including the grandkids. That helped. Good news: Daily operations

Packing and Shipping Collectibles

A breakfast networking meeting with folks from the Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce was the beginning of a delightful day. Upon my return home, my husband Jim invited me to stay home for the day. Perfect! First on the agenda was clearing my mind. A brisk two-mile