Holiday Message of Thanks from Pak Mail 232

November 13th, 2013 by

As 2013 rapidly draws to a close I find myself thankful. For what? My family, our health, a spunky going-on-3-year-old grandson, friends, a thriving business, creativity, travel plans… the list is long.

My hubby Jim and our son Jesse recently managed Pak Mail 232 sans “the boss,” making it possible for me to join my siblings for a long weekend in North Carolina in celebration of our parents’ 65 years of marriage!

Jim’s and my decision in 1975 to leave the East Coast and move to Colorado (Dad called us pioneers) forced us with our two sons to create our own holiday traditions. Instead of traveling the miles during the holidays, we made or purchased gifts for long-distance family and friends. Of course, then we had to ship them. The decision in 2008 to purchase our Colorado Springs packing and shipping store now keeps us home for the holidays for a different reason – shipping holiday gifts for our customers to their loved ones. Little did we know!

2013 Minck Family Portrait

2013 Minck Family Portrait

A simple message to our customers – thanks!