Star Trek Collectibles

June 9th, 2013 by

May 30th I attended the  Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce after-hours Meet & Greet, hosted by Tracy Miller at her Manitou Springs gallery on Ruxton Avenue. Awesome gallery, by the way. Patrice, a business associate from the chamber, asked about shipping a Star Trek Next Generation collection from Maryland to Colorado — perfect timing with the release of the new Star Trek movie. Her son will be the recipient of this collection of figures, a transporter room (pictured) and other sets, and a Star Trek telephone that his uncle used in his office for a few years. Patrice wanted to know if it would “cost a fortune” to ship the three or four boxes of collectibles.

The answer is “no.” Simply make sure all the items are securely and professionally packed and that you have an accurate value for the collection and each box being shipped. Unless the collection absolutely needs to reach its destination quickly — or has a high dollar value — ground shipping with UPS or FedEx is the most cost effective. For international shipments, DHL fits that bill. If the collection is very large — six or more large boxes, shipping on a pallet by LTL truck may be the best.

For all you Trekkies, new and “old,” and for anyone with an awesome collection like this, it’s good to know the most cost-effective way to ship these treasures. Choose the best option for your wallet. That leaves some extra money to see the new film a few more times!

Star Trek Next Generation Collection

Star Trek Next Generation Collection